Transportation Option

Bastis Transportation

Bastis Transportation will drive or fly with your puppy to their destination. Your puppy will be taken out to stretch its legs often, given food and water when needed, and will sleep in a hotel room with the driver if their journey requires an overnight stay. Contact Bastis Transportation for a quote.


PawTree Pet Products

While at training puppies are fed PawTree food.

Exceptional Dog Food, Treats, Chillax (for calm in stressful situations), Pet Food Seasoning for those picky eaters and so much more!


LeeloHandmade on Etsy

Dog Bandanas with optional matching Scrunchies!! Super cute!


Helpful Products

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Puppy Pen




Crate Pad


Raised Cool Dog Bed


Cow Hoof Dog Treats


Flirt Pole


Calming Spray


Travel Hammock


Washable pads




Long Lead for Recall Training


4 Foot Training Leash


Bitter Apple Detterent Spray


Potty Box (For younger puppies and Apartment Puppies)


Potty Pads 


Paw Cleaner


Snuggly Dog Bed


Life's Abundance Puppy Food

Pet Food and Pet Products as well as some human needs!